Irma Mesa

Hola, I'm Irma.


Thanks for stumbling on this page, glad you’re here. I’m real.

What I’m up to now

  • Education around remote work + consulting/strategy
  • Working on a few side projects that impact minorities in tech
  • Full-time Product Manager, 5 days a week
  • Running a bi-weekly newsletter
  • Hosting a podcast
  • Creating remote work and tech videos on Youtube weekly
  • Writing a post weekly on my blog
  • Learning Nodejs and React
  • Rock climbing 3x a week!

About my background

  • Broke into tech with a non-traditional educational background
  • Taught myself Front-end Web Development and started shipping projects
  • Fast forward 4+ years, I’ve consistently built and released products + features that solve customer problems
  • Worked with distributed and local Engineering, QA, Design teams
  • Conducted a number of customer discovery and research sessions
  • Applied Human Interaction Design principles and design thinking to products and systems
  • Formed resources around maintaining healthy remote work environments
  • Consistently try to connect underrepresented and Latinx folks in tech
  • Using my Psychology degree in my day-to-day as a PM and consultant (which is great because that tuition was EXPENSIVE….)
  • Oh! I also rock climb, play guitar and make Youtube videos when I’m not deep in tech

What I’m reading

An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management - buy here

Once I’m done with this one I’ll post a short review on my Youtube channel.