Irma Mesa

5 Slack communities for Product Managers

For new and more seasoned Product Managers it’s never too late to join PM communities to network and to mentor.

Below are my top 5 resources for you! I’ve used all of these personally and still use them. I’ve found great value out of each community Which of these have you joined?

Product School

Product School provides PM training. They have a ton of different campuses all over the US. I found through a few Eventbrite events and attending some of their live streams. They feature PM’s from a ton of different companies — Google, FB, Uber and a many more! Additionally, I found they had both a Slack and Youtube channel which I frequently visit to connect with other PM’s.

  • Product School Slack Here is your Slack plug, click to join. Slack is awesome! Every Tuesday there’s an AMA in the workspace. They are different channels for networking, resumes reviews, hiring, tips and advice. Overall, you’ll be getting valuable insight into the industry. I’ve connected with a few people from the Slack channel on LinkedIn and it’s awesome how opne everyone is for both junior and more senior PM’s.

  • Check out these informative videos! Tons of awesome recorded live streams for PM’s literally from any company you can imagine!

Mind the Product

Calling PM’s everywhere! This is your site. Everything from conferences and training and meetups are right at your fingertips. I joined their Slack about 3 months ago. Seriously, everyone’s so professional and willing to help. Loving the community and the openness.

Start dominating your product, click here to check out MTP.

Product Processes Wiki So, I will say this is a fairly recent discovery. I’ve lightly read it but I want to just dedicate like 3–5 hours just diving in and downloading all this knowledge into my brain. If you’re a new PM or maybe the first PM at your company, read the doc below.

Click here if you’re ready to dive into this big ol’ knowledge base

Lindsay Brothers

Lindsay is amazing. She’s a PM for Indeed and she’s very active on Twitter. She’s reviewed my resume before and given me advice on just being a better PM. She shared her blog with me, which I fell in love with. There are tons of great nuggets of information like fixing up your resume to show metrics you hit or what your first 30 days as a PM should look like. I promise, you won’t regret. Click below and check out her posts!

Read em’ now!

One Month Skill

Skills emailed right to your inbox daily. They have a ton of different options from PM to Analytics and Design Thinking. It’s super convenient. I wake up every morning to a new email, check it and star it if I find it interesting and would like to come back to it. You can sign up for any of the offered skills by visiting the link below! Start learning today. A little reading never hurt nobody.

Thanks for reading! Check out Remote Newbie for more support and resources for working remotely.