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Podcasts that can super boost your productivity.

Feeling uninspired? These are our top 3 podcasts for entrepreneurs to get back in the groove after a funk.

In this day and age, we have to be receptive to learning new things and discovering different methods to put ourselves and our product out there.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, learning code, or the CEO of your business - podcasts are a must-have tool to have at the ready. Not only do podcasts give us a different perspective on certain topics, they also help with keeping us inspired and to grind harder each and every day.Even if you’re in a funk or feeling overwhelmed, podcasts give you that boost of motivation to rethink the way you’re doing things and get yourself back in the groove of kicking ass at what you do.

And the best part is, you can listen to a podcast any time, anywhere! Whether you’re going out for a run to let out some of that pent-up stress or sulking in bed at 2 AM in the morning when your thoughts are all over the place. Personally, I like to listen to podcasts while I’m doing menial tasks like washing the dishes and especially during long drives.

Whatever it is that you’re doing (or feeling) here are the top 3 podcasts that will help you feel refreshed, inspired, and motivated to take on the world!


I found Jim almost accidentally, funny how life works that way, right? A couple of months ago, I was listening to Melyssa Griffin’s Pursuit with Purpose podcast and Jim Kwik was featured on one of her episodes.

In the podcast, he explained how he took advantage of his learning disability and used it as a way to teach himself how to break past the limitations that were already in place for him as a child. With his methods, he taught himself and is now teaching others, how to read faster, remember names, and other tools to fully access parts of our brain that are typically left untouched. I’m recommending his podcast because his methods really work - and they’re free!

Jim recommends for you to listen to his podcast from episode one, which I agree. They’re not just regular listen-to-me-talk-about-my-life podcasts, each bite-sized episode provides you different tools that coincide with one another. You’ll often notice him reference to previous episodes when teaching you things like how to read 52 books in a year (which I’m currently trying to do!) or how to remember all your groceries without a handwritten list.

If you’re feeling uninspired, Jim’s story will definitely get you feeling like yourself again. His podcast helps you learn new things quickly while having fun!


We wouldn’t really be talking about inspiring podcasts if Oprah isn’t mentioned! I recently discovered that she has a podcast and I am living my best life, you guys. Oprah is one of the most inspiring and successful persons I know (not personally, but you get what I mean) and in this podcast, she talks to other inspiring and successful people that shed tons of insight on things like being more mindful or transforming your life by simply saying Yes!

Of course, being that this is Oprah, you know her guests are going to be the best! She has guests like Shonda Rhimes and Joe Biden so you know you’re in for a good listen! I would definitely recommend for you to listen to this whenever you need a boost of insight and inspiration. After listening to her episode with Shonda, I was feeling so incredibly empowered and gained a new perspective on how I view success and interacting with others in social situations.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen Freaknomics being featured on Spotify’s podcast section, or even on your iPhone’s podcast app and though automatically, ‘No way am I going to sit about people drowning on about confusing money terms that I’ll never understand.’

I am excited to tell you that as intimidating as this podcast may look, it really isn’t at all! Stephen Dubner is an amazing host with an extremely humorous and relatable personality. This podcast goes into more complex money topics that many people expect you to know about but aren’t always willing to explain, like I.M.F’s and low-cost index funds.

I will admit, there are some terms that are thrown around that I really don’t understand and find myself Googling about afterwards - but it’s a great start for those of us who want to learn more about money but don’t want to go through the awkwardness of asking.

As entrepreneurs, we need to be receptive to learning - especially when it comes to money. As great as having an accountant is, there are some things we have to know ourselves before seeking third-party help.

If you’re a bit unsure where to start with this podcast, I’d recommend the two following episodes:

The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money

How Can I Do the Most Social Good With \$100? And Other FREAK-quently Asked Questions

Although there are plenty of podcasts that have came out this past year alone on a variety of topics, when it comes to getting inspired and feeling motivated - these three are my top go-to’s when I’m in a funk. Being a freelancer and owning your own business can be overwhelming, and it’s okay to seek for help.

Podcasts are a free source that are available for all of us - and for those of us who can’t stand limiting ourselves to one task at a time, podcasts are great to have in the background when doing work or any other tasks that don’t need your complete attention. So what are you waiting for!? Listen to one of these podcasts and get back to kicking ass at what you do best!

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