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Weekly Digest 1 - hello, 2019

I’m starting a Weekly Digest! What does that mean? I’ll be summarizing few jobs for you to peek at, product of the week and my biggest learning from this week.

Jobs! 🔥

Senior Data Product Manager @ The Democratic National Committee - click here

  • Team size: small | Location: ✈️ Remote

Engineering Manager @ Auth0 - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ Remote

Product Designer (UI/UX) @ Treehouse - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ Remote

CX Associate @ Harry’s - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ NY, NY

Engineering ⌨️

Accessibility is HUGE. We should all have understanding on how to make tech better by focusing and paying attention to accessibility. I’ve had it happen to me before where I’ll be designing out a site in Figma and I’m so deep into making it look pretty or making sure the colors are consistent and I then have to catch myself and ask if what I’m designing follows principles for accessibility?

Ben Robertson lays out how we can design website layouts in a way to allow to function with screen readers. I personally had not thought about this use case but it’s very real. By using structured HTML markup we can create landmarks for the screen reader to follow and allow the experience for that user to flow.

Mental Models 🧠

I’ve always admired people that are able to think fast and make decisions (smart ones) in a quick beat. It’s definitely an acquired skill and the more experience you have in community the simpler it’ll become.

100PM released a fantastic article around this topic, which I encourage you to read here by Aero Wong.

They mention a model named OODA that is commonly used by the Navy SEALS to make decisions. A mental model is essentially a framework that we can use daily to visualize an order or plan to follow. It empowers our mind to zoom out of the situation and navigate a path that works for you and the team.

The higher stakes a situations the more difficult it becomes to make decisions. We start to overthink or doubt ourselves. But by using a model that helps ground us in these tough situations can be a total game-changer.

Product of the Week ☕

Check out Morning Brew - this has been a favorite of mine since 2018 and they’re still going strong.

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