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Weekly Digest 2 - jobs, thoughts, opinions delivered

Rolling out Weekly Digest #2. As usual, you’ll find a few jobs for you to peek at, product of the week and my biggest learning from this week.

Jobs! 🔥

Site Reliability Engineer @ Peloton - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ Remote or NY

Customer Success Specialist @ Raisely - click here

  • Team size: small | Location: ✈️ Remote

Customer Technical Support Specialist @ Market Muscles - click here

  • Team size: small | Location: ✈️ Remote

Fan Happiness Associate @ Gametime - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ Remote

Accessibility Course (FREE) ⌨️

I follow Dann Petty on Twitter, if you don’t know who he is check out his work and what he’s doing with Epicurrence. Well, this isn’t all about Dann.

Last week Dann shared that Tatiana Mac had opened up her Hacking Digital Styleguides for Accessibility: Type, Color, Imagery course on Skillshare, for what? For free! Yes, you can sign up for a Skillshare account if you don’t already have one and get underway with her course.

As I mentioned in my last weekly digest, accessibility is HUGE. Not only in the tech world but in other industries as well. Opening up our design workflows to take into account those folks who require specials styles is out of this world crucial. Not only is it crucial for folks with special visual or hearing needs but we’re also maximizing the overall human experience by following accessibility guidelines in our designs.

My background and knowledge around accessibility is still quite fresh. In my work as a PM, I’m frequently faced with re-thinking colors, contrast, text size to ensure readability in our education curriculum. I do want to become more comfortable with the guidelines around accessibility so I’ll be going through Tatiana’s course and posting a review of learnings from course on my blog. Stay tuned.

Mental Models 🧠

The last few weeks I’ve been heads down into mental models. It’s a must read. In my opinion, our minds can form crazy intelligent ideas - whether it’s about launching a new business or being the first person to successfully build a reusable rocket. A lot of times we fall into a hole where we take others negative experiences in trying and failing to launch a business and we internalize it. We think, “there’s no way I can launch a thriving startup if X person tanked theirs. Has this happened to you before? If it has, you know how debilitating this can be to your creativity. Creativity can completely burn out if we don’t take the “reasoning by first principles approach” to thinking and creating.

Reasoning by first principles really dives into following through with that idea you had by reverse engineering a problem and finding your own unique solution - figuring out cost, materials, bandwidth, team size, feasibility and value instead of listening to Joe’s failed attempt and writing off that you could ever succeed in making your solution a reality.

This mental model really hit home with me. Looking back I usually go run ideas and let my creativity run. It also made me realize that folks who suffer from boredom are usually those who have let that creativity be smothered by others failures.

Product of the Week ☕

Check out Elpha - an online platform for women in tech to network and chat about jobs, experiences and more!

Elpha was just launched on Product Hunt this week and it has an insanely talented group of founders - including Abadesi, Cadran, and Kuan.


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