Irma Mesa

Weekly Digest 4 - getting better with deep focus

We’re back with another Weekly Digest, #4 that is! Crazy, we are already at 4.

As usual, you’ll find a few jobs for you to peek at, product of the week and my biggest learning from this week.

Jobs! 🔥

Lead Software Engineer @ StitchFix - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ Remote

Senior Product Analyst @ Coffee Meets Bagel - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: SF, Seattle, or Remote

Full-Stack Developer @ Peer Grade - click here

  • Team size: small | Location: ✈️ Remote

Customer Care @ Gusto - click here

  • Team size: medium | Location: ✈️ Denver, CO

Entering Deep Focus 👨🏽‍💻 👩🏽‍

It’s super easy to become focused in your work and forget that we have coworkers, friends or family surrounding us (either virtually or physically). I often get into this so-called ‘deep focus’ - where I stay in my own zone, where I can’t possibly be bothered. Oh, wait! I’m wrong, I 100% can be bothered. Slack, comes in handy in these situations.

I’ll be sitting at my desk typing or designing away and maybe an hour into a deep focus block, like clockwork there’s a Slack direct message (DM). Instantly, I’m ripped out my focus. I’m no longer producing and thinking on 1 set task or project but now my mind is context switching, trying to figure out what this question or request is about.

In a given day this can happen multiple times. The folks I feel even more empathy for are, engineers. I can’t imagine how many pings they must receive with @here or @channel messages.


We need to take care of our minds. Constant context switching isn’t healthy or helpful for our mental wellbeing. Next time you know you’ll be knee deep in a project or task that requires your full undivided attention:

  1. Ping your team and announce you’ll be offline or away focusing
  2. Block your calendar (I do this all the time). Create an event called ‘Focus Block’ and do your thing.
  3. If you’re a Slack user, set your status ‘Focusing on the user flow for X’. You don’t even have to get specific about it.

Take care of your time. Take care of your focus. The more you start paying attention to how much context switching you’re doing the more you’ll want to own your time.

Product of the Week ☕

There’s this all in one app that holds my email, calendar, Gdrive all in one window on my computer. It’s a space saver and memory saver. It also allows me to reduce the crazy amount of tabs I have and most importantly cuts down on the time I spend switching from tab to tab, somehow lost in the sea of tabs.

Check out Shift, the all-in-1 email client for Desktops here!


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