Irma Mesa

HeyDay, a POC co-working app.

Building and launching HeyDay, a POC co-working app.

Introducing your POC co-working platform

HeyDay website landing page

HeyDay is a passion project of mine. As a triple minority it can be nervewracking entering new spaces where I don’t see people that look like me.

So, HeyDay was born. I started to not only realize that finding safe spaces is difficult but I also realized that I needed more accountability for my scheduling and getting work done. It’s hard, right?

Days become short. Hours pass. We get lazy.

Who’s HeyDay for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, workaholic, freelancer, maker, founder - really anyone. I’d love for you to check out HeyDay.

What is it? You’ll be able to bring 1 task or goal you’ve been dying to accomplish and join a few other POC folks in a virtual setting and set yourself accountable to get to working on that task/goal. It’s a great way to itentionally cross off important items from your list weekly.

Give a look. Come join us.

If this sounds like something you’d like to check out, visit us here and sign up for our next co-working meetup! Again, it’s virtual - so you can do this from the comfort of your home, a coffee-shop, outdoors, anywhere.

I’ll catch you there.