Irma Mesa

TooBusy, a job board marketplace.

Launching a marketplace to showcase diverse talent.

I started to reflect on my journey applying to jobs, interviewing, getting rejections and accepting offers. I came to understand that outside of being referred by a friend or a connection or being spammed by random recuriers trying to bring you on for a skill that’s not even on your LinkedIn profile, usually job seekers have will apply directly on the job posting.

So let’s think about this. A company, hiring manager or HR will draft up a job description with their “ideal” sometimes “perfect” candidate. They’ll make it live using some ATS (Applicant Tracking System) tool out there then open the gates to applicants to come rushing to apply.

And sometimes that’s it. The hiring team just waits.

I thought about this long and hard and began thinking, why isn’t there more pressure on recruiters and hiring managers to seek those applicants instead? I’m not saying companies don’t do this at all but majority of them do. They’ll use Greenhouse and cross-post the job across Indeed, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, etc. But is there time alloted to searching for applicants? Seeking applicants who fit the description? I think at it’s core it’s about accessibility. Not everyone knows where, when and how to find certain jobs but what if there was 1 single site where applicants were aggregated for hiring companies and recruiters?

Who’s this for?

Two core audiences:

  1. This app is for job seekers with less than 2 years of experience and are on the hunt for a job in tech can share there work and get connected with recruiters.
  2. This is also for recruiters to get notified every week with new seekers and for them to connect with seekers for interviews.

What’s this for?

This is for recruiters to find job seekers and hire diverse talent. It’s also a place where job seekers with <2 years can showcase their work and let recruiters know they’re actively seeking work.

Building the Design and Setting up

I toyed with the idea of building this myself with React and Node but then I didn’t. Mostly because I wanted to stand up the site quickly and begin to engage communities and bring them on board to apply as seekers.

I needed a tool to handle data. One of the easiest ways to turn a spreadsheet into a site is using Table2Site

I hooked up Table2Site (they make their setup super simple) with Airtable using a base for this project. Table2Site allows you to clone their available templates, so I did that and started to populate the content, design, colors, copy, etc.

What’s next?

You can check out TooBusy, here and apply to become a seeker!

Bring on more seekers and start getting the seekers shared with hiring companies and recruiters.